KEYSTONE VET SIT-REP provides a central location for service members, veterans, and their families to access and submit local resources, organizations and events.

Listed Local resources will include:  Unemployment  Medical  Emergency  Veteran Homes  Homeless Shelters  Suicide Prevention  Addiction(s)  Legal  Advocacy  Female Veterans  Childcare  Educational Benefits  Local Military Non-profit Organizations
Events can be added by site subscribers to help promote their military oriented or charity function. At the present time there is not one organized website where an individual can access all of these local resources from a single drop down menu. Events in the area will be able to reach out to the entire community through one single website rather than individuals having to multiple websites or social media pages.

Services KEYSTONE VET SIT-REP provides a service based organization designed for veterans, service members, and their families. We provide a portal and open forum for these individuals to locate the right resources on an organized platform. There are currently no other organizations that provide a specific list of up to date military resources and events in the Central Pennsylvania Area. Users have the ability to subscribe for emails with up to date notifications as well as have the ability to post verified events onto the websites calendar and forum. The forum page also allows service members, veterans, and their families to submit questions if they require further assistance. KEYSTONE VET SIT-REP will assist in coordinating and facilitating military related events throughout the community with numerous organizations. We will also hold networking events or get together within the community to build a stronger connection between service members and veterans in the area.